Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's the thing, I love shoes. Like, totally.

They always fit, they make or break an outfit, and there are endless possibilities. And since this blog is boooooorrrriiinnnggg it's time for something a little interesting. Plus, it's mine, so I get to put what I want. And the -2 people that read it can it. errr something.

Shoes 1. Happy coral pumps.

They are my flavor of the week if you will (and if you won't well... well that way. insert tongue sticking out emoticon). I have basically been drooling over a pair of pumps like this for months. But there is something inside me that basically prohibits me from buying anything full price. Unless it's dirrrt cheap (I'm might be cheap but I ain't free (name that song)). It's just the way I roll. So when these little puppies went on sale there was no thought involved, they were pretty much in my cart before I even had time to click the mouse.
Also, since I'm kind of a pro-shopper (or sickly obsessed if you ask my husband, but don't k?) I went to my favorite little coupon code site and found a 10% off code to make them even cheaper. boo yea Grandma (cuz my grandma would totally be proud, she might be 94 but she can still totally appreciate a good sale).

OH YEA, AND once you hit a certain amount (that was much lower than usual because U.O. was having a promo.) You got free shipping! So of course I had to add enough to my cart to hit that, because obviously that was the economical thing to do. duh.
What's that pink dot on my foot you ask? Oh, yea, no biggie just a mosquito bite from over three weeks ago. No, I'm not strangely allergic (errr something) to mosquitoes, why do you ask?
The good stuff: Unique color. Actually more of a faded coral. They photograph really bright for some reason. Not too tall, not too short. Easier to walk in. dress em' up or down. Make an outfit pop. Don't really have anything like them.

The less good stuff: (I refuse to say "bad" stuff about shoes. It goes against all I hold dear): They were a different color than I expected, because they photograph bright (like I said, derrr). They are not as comfortable as I hoped. They took for friggin eva' to get here! (Ok I guess that's not the shoes fault... but still!) Get wit' it U.O.

Bought: Urban Outfitters (online) for $26 pesos originally $48
On a side note, U.O. is totally cheaper online. for shuurrr. And...has anyone else noticed the Gateway U.O. is kind of awful?
Worn: 2x's
Pain Factor: 8. no 2. No 8, wait what's the question...? OK, OK, my final answer is: slight. A little rubbing around the top sides of my feet, but mostly only on my right foot. I guess my right foot needs to cut down the calories. And the left heel is a little rubby. Nothing a little calous can't take care of.

If these shoes could talk:
they would say-- Bow chica wow wow! Translation: I'm cute and sweet enough to meet the parents but I could totally look hotT at the club. (OK, so that's just a guess because I've never been to the club...but I'm still cool, sniff.) Errr...the singles ward social-dance-stand-around-look available thing.

Shoes 2. NananaNike athletic/running/shporty shoos

I have been needing new "running shoes" for a while (since I run marathons like all the time didn't you know?). Pretty much since my other athletic-y shoes decided to wage war on me at Havasupai last summer (my feet are still recovering, no. really.). Since I can pretty much run 5 feet before passing out they are more accurately work out shoes. Because I'm lucky and get to work out at work. woot.

I wanted something that looked good (I'm a shoe snot, whatev.) FELT GOOD (are those two things even possible together?!). And was functional, (i.e. I could gym in but if, by some miracle, I ran they could keep up).

My sock has a flippin' pom pom. Oh my heck.
The good Stuff: Com.for.table. Really soft feeling inside and breath really well. Nice squishy supportive bottom, that doesn't scuff, and doesn't slip. They are cute. And seem to do well gyming or running (bounce walking in my case).

The less good stuff: Sometimes I think they have a weird shaped toe. They don't have very long laces so they are sometimes awkward to tie. I hope to never encounter liquid in them because they are basically mostly mesh-like.

Bought: Ross for $29 (!!!). (grandma, can I get a boo-yea)
Worn: lots
Pain Factor: None. Well, except once when I pulled the laces too tight, which is easy to do since the laces are pretty short. Just sayin'

If these shoes could talk: They would say-- I can goooooo the distaaaaance. Ahem. Or, at least keep up with your chubby bum while you (scoff) work out.

P.S. The jeans I am wearing in the shoes 1 pictures are the most comfortable jeans on. this. planet. Like butta'. But they're not shoes so I can't tell you where I got them. That would be impolite to the shoes in the post (derrr).

P.P.S No hate mail (please) about how I'm such a Material Girl (errr something) It's my blog and I can cry if (and how) I want to.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Now you see it, now you don't

So glad to have this thing finally done. And glad to see it does really add to the room! Now I just have to make some pillows, finish my embroidery to hang on the wall...and then maybe rearrange the room. haha. My house is an ever and ongoing project.


Friday, July 16, 2010


Who can give me girls camp suggestions?!?! About anything, anything you remember, liked, didn't like, whatever.

Food, songs, cheers, crafts, firesides, trinkets....ANYTHING! :) I'm only a little desperate

Pretty please?!

I might be freaking out just a little, tiny, bit. Would love anything anyone could think of.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love him

maybe this picture of gar took my breath away a little. and melted my (cold, little, scared-of-having- kids) heart.

no wonder the man's baby hungry. look at him. He's going to be the most amazing dad.

which is only one of the countless reasons I love him and married him.

I'd give him babies just to see this image everyday.

image stolen from dear friend lindsay's blog. this is her adorable-beyond-belief baby boy

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

by the way, I think weed pulling is very therapeutic.

Sometimes I like to think about the thoughts I have while I'm pulling weeds. Like right while I'm having them, do you ever do that? Call me crazy.

Today I realized that sometimes I leave certain weeds because I think they are charming and/or I think they have potential to turn out interesting.

Then I thought, this may or may not be a parallel to the way I allowed boys to wander in my life before Gar...

Then I looked down and thought, charming or not, you're still a weed.
And I reached down and yanked that weed out.

Friday, June 18, 2010


Very sad to see this dear dear lovely friend leave me. She is off to much bigger and better things but still it's so hard to say goodbye to wonderful friends who are tied up in your heart strings.

She'll kill me for this one, but I laugh my guts out every time I look at it so I can't help myself. SUCH good times!

So many friends have left a huge impression on me and will forever be dear to my heart. This lovely friend is definitely one of them. We went through a lot together and no matter what I will always feel tied to her from all we went through together. So proud of you and wish you the very best in all to come.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

cuz' I'm shameless and want to win

I really like some of these and want to win one. So you get to read this.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Earth,

Happy Earth Day
Maui, HI

Sierra Nevadas, Mexico

Serra da Capivara, Brasil
Rio de Janiero, Brasil
Gainesville, FL
Eastern Coast (man from snowy river area), Australia
Sydney, Australia
No matter where I am, you are always there, beautiful and lovely. Hot or cold, mountains or water, trees or desert. Here's to a day about remembering to take better care of you (everyday).

I believe a healthy environment makes healthy (happy) people. Help the earth and the earth helps you.

To find out more about the environment and your health go here
If you live in Utah, find out about your environment and health closer to home here

If you want to find out about your state environmental health go here

Monday, April 19, 2010

a recipe for good times

To get a good laugh (and feel cool when people laugh at your jokes) call brother who is college professor in the middle of his class:

Brother numero dos (out of 5), who is pictured left with yours truly circa 1988 ish, answered my call the other day and said "Hey I've got someone who wants to say hi to you." suddenly it sounds like something is exploding. When I ask him what the "heck" that was he says it was his Bio 100 class. They bust up laughing (more exploding noise) and I ask him what kind of professor he is answering his cell phone in class, "what kind of education are those kids getting?" More exploding noises (I'm guessing laughter). Ahhhh, what I would give to sit in on his class.
If only you could see the glory of brother's full-blown (nasty) eighties mullet. woot.

To get the "laughs so hard you can't breathe"--(and blackmail material for future) catch husband unawares:

Walked in on Garret doing the cha-cha in the mirror. It got even better when he realized I was watching and blushed like a tomato...I haven't laughed that hard...maybe ever.

(errrr...since I just blogged this, does that mean I can't use it for blackmail? deerrrn)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

baby season

So the last few spring/summers have been wedding season for us and many lovely friends and now...I guess I'm all grown up or something because this spring and summer have become baby season. Pretty sure we are the only ones who don't have a baby or who aren't pregnant.

Guess that means we can pick up a pretty good babysitting gig...

So, I have been trying to document some of my crafting so that I can have a little archive to refer to when I need ideas etc. And thus, we have a couple of onesies I did for lovely friend Andi and little Evaleigh who is due to make her debut May 4th, 2010.

To accentuate her sweet little diapered bum (and the only time in her life a dimpled bum will be cute)
Here is the front.

These were fun to make despite how ridiculously long they took (I thought they would be "super quick") and the blisters and callus' that came along with the fun. How did people in the "olden days" (how the heck do you spell "olden, old'n, oldin" is that even a real word?) hand sew all their stuff? INSANE I tell you. I guess I would have been a wimpy pioneer woman.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

not just for babies--- POST EDIT

POST EDIT-- Today only they are having a 20% off sale on their actual site Check it out. Not your grandma's decals.

check out my brothers super cool stuff. who doesn't want some chalkboard wall without all the mess of paint!? (plus other really cool stuff) TODAY ONLY.

for more check out

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

2 years. It just gets better and better.


I got all mushy and sentimental looking through old pictures. So there is a sort of an obsessive amount of us pictures ahead. What can I say I'm pretty head over heels. :)

People ask us a lot if we are newly weds, once we got past year one, I started saying no, it just seemed like once you're through that year, you don't qualify for that club anymore. But, people tell me we still qualify and I like that. I still feel like a newly wed and I'm glad other people think we are too. Since we're still in that club, guess that means we can continue to be all mushy-gushy and obsessed with loving each other.

He still makes me weak in the knees and my heart flutter.

Can't believe it's already been two years, can't believe that's all it's been.

Gar, "you own my heart and more til' the end of time".

I love you more than yesterday and less than tomorrow.