Saturday, July 18, 2009

happy weekending!

Sure GLAD it's not like this any more!
But man do I wish we were here
Doing stuff like this.
Lately, I have been feeling like this is my hair. a wreck. Need some ideas for what to do next!
Me with wig circa. 1987

Extremely happy to be with this handsome man ALL weekend!
Our weekend started out with a whole night of country- Julianne Hough, Blake Shelton, and then THE KING, George Strait, according to the handsome man of course. I'm not much of a country fan myself, but we had a blast rockin' with all the rednecks at Usana last night. I even got to laugh my head off as one drunk lady did a cart wheel and kicked some poor drunk dude in the head which made him head butt his girlfriend. I'm still laughing.
Can't wait for more fun this weekend! How will you be weekending?

Thursday, July 16, 2009

teens say the darndest' things.

the highlight of my shopping experience...:

The girlS (yes two of them) sharing the dressing room next to me shared this awesome little tid bit with, basically the whole dressing room, and especially me. oh to be in high school again... NOT.

Girl 1: So, do you like it? The shirt?

Girl 2: Yea, well, what do you think?

Girl 1: it's cute...

Girl 2: yea, well, I mean, member' that one time when we just wanted to be really big ho's? Well this could just be like one of those times, we'll both be just like, really big ho's for the day. It will be WAY fun!

Girls: giggles.

there's two fathers out there with big problems.

I'm terrified to have kids.


This darling girl and I have been friends for like....a really long time. Since we was itty bitty's...or so.

in fact, i just dug up about a million old old old pics of us when my mother made me clean out my old room. a flood of mischievous memories ensued.

She's is pretty much the only girl I trust with my hair. Really she's amazing. And she puts up with my constant reschedules (I'm kind of really bad at making set plans).

My favorite thing about sitting in her chair with her scissors ready to attack? Well, I never have to know exactly what I want, I just give her ideas I have and know that she will undoubtedly leave me looking better than when I came in. She pushes my hair limits, and trust me I have lots of them, I've basically had the same hair...forever. That is priceless friends. It's like she has a vision for your hair. :) ha. sometimes I think she'd really take joy in chopping mine all off, but she doesn't, cuz she knows I'm a scaredy-cat and I'd die.
Check out her new hair blog. It's the bomb.
P.S. her name is Caitlyn, not Kitelyn. I just always called her that n' stuff.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Some things i never blog about

So these are from a trillion years ago but I think I'll start blogging about some things we have done in the last...ok, ok, like year. But if you know me at all, you know I am quite often late, I guess it spills into my blogging too. :)

Gar on a basketball team with his buddies this winter so I got to watch his hot skills once a week and hang with the girls. It was really fun. And they played at good ole' centennial so I got to reminisce about the middle school days every week two. YEA RIGHT! I've blocked those memories out! :) it was kinda trippy to go back there.
I really like feet... NO i don't but I do like shoes. ALOT.
The classic christmas trip, temple square.

This lovely friend gets home in like a week! I CAN'T WAIT! Rachel I have missed you! even though I'm really bad at calling...sorry :(
OK so it's a small start, but I will keep adding. I've got a long way to go, obviously, since I'm starting with December! I'll probably make it to February and then give up. :)