Thursday, July 16, 2009

teens say the darndest' things.

the highlight of my shopping experience...:

The girlS (yes two of them) sharing the dressing room next to me shared this awesome little tid bit with, basically the whole dressing room, and especially me. oh to be in high school again... NOT.

Girl 1: So, do you like it? The shirt?

Girl 2: Yea, well, what do you think?

Girl 1: it's cute...

Girl 2: yea, well, I mean, member' that one time when we just wanted to be really big ho's? Well this could just be like one of those times, we'll both be just like, really big ho's for the day. It will be WAY fun!

Girls: giggles.

there's two fathers out there with big problems.

I'm terrified to have kids.


Linds said...

oh snap!

emily said...

hey brrrrtch.
yeah totally horrified to have children.

great eavesdropping skills :)

The Taylors said...

you should have yelled some guidance over the stall.