Monday, July 28, 2008


We got to float the Provo (river) this weekend after wanting to do it for like two weeks. It was SO fun! The water was FREEZING and a lot deeper than we thought, but we loved it! Thanks to Howard for reminding us to bring life jackets, no one else really had them and probably thought we were nerds, but I was glad we had them because the current was actually pretty strong and with all the snow we had this year the river was much deeper than I remember. 

Garret and I kept trying to hold on to each others tubes but it would just spin us backward or he would spin me too close the bank and it freaked me out so we kept having to try to catch up to each other. I hit some little rapids and managed to totally nail my tush on a rock (rapids=rocks) despite my efforts to hold my bum out of the tube. Garret just laughed at me...classic. 

After we got out we went to my car so we could drive it up to the top where Garret's car was and where we had got in. Well we had just taken my key because, obviously, my keyless entry would have been ruined in the water. I unlocked the passenger door with the key to get something and my freaking car alarm goes off! I have never even heard it before and me unlocking it with  a KEY sets the stupid thing off. I got in the car and tried everything to get it to stop but it wouldn't finally we just had to lock it all up and walk back to the park. It finally stopped but we had to wait a while for Garret's bro to show up to take us up to the top. 

Well of course, Garret's brother Wade loves to make people...uncomfortable... in a sense to get a kick out of it and he had his friend in his front seat and then their families two big sheep herding dogs in the back!!! I was just slightly bugged, but it was pretty funny. I felt a little better about it when I saw they had slobbered all over the car and that their hair was everywhere. Serves him right! haha. 

We barely made dinner with our buddies at our favorite Little Italy and enjoyed the rest of the night with them. It was a good weekend that was over WAY WAY too fast.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Obsession...continued

So remember how a few hours ago, I confessed of my vampire and Bella obsession. Yea, well I just pre-ordered the new book. I never do stuff like that, I'm totally a book borrower or library book person. But I just COULD not wait, only to have all the stores sell out and me not get one for weeks! I do have to wait a few extra days after the release date. But I'm sure it will be totally worth it! Who am I? :)

new obsession

I have recently become obsessed with the Twilight books (I know I'm way behind everyone else) I just read the second one in two days, and the first one in about the same time.  My poor husband was almost fed up with me because he was so neglected since I couldn't pull myself away from my book... I finally got him to borrow one from his sisters so he can hopefully become as enthralled as I. But...I don't know that Edward Cullen will consume him the way he does the rest of the female readers.

Anyway, it's just ridiculous. I just LOVE these books. I am always looking for a good book I can really get lost in, it's like the best thing ever, but now I find myself randomly lost in thought about vampires, and werewolves, and...yea, my reality is a little skewed... but still, I will continue to read, and pre order the fourth book, and revel in this fantasy land...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Why do I feel like an old lady?

I have always thought I was fairly technically savy... guess again. I finally caved to all the pressure and got a blog. Now I don't know what to do with the darn thing. I can't figure out how to use it and I'm beginning to feel like a Grandma who doesn't know a record player from an ipod. 


I just keep losing patience and giving up...I don't want to tell anyone my blog yet, because, lets face it, it's just not cool enough yet... I feel so lame and helpless.

If you have advice and help let me know. But only if you won't laugh at me.