Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I wore it.

These smock things look good on NO.ONE. I look like a tent. but i guess it is tradition
An AMAZING gift from my AMAZING in-laws. LOVE them!!!
I left that thing off til the last possible second. And I even took my cap off during the ceremony. it was like 90 million degrees where the graduates had to wait. They had no AC in that area. What gives?
The crew. Thank you guys SO SO SO much for being so awesome and screaming so I felt really special. You guys are the best! How do you guys like my dad's mad flock of seagulls wings? :)
It has taken me WAY too long. and there was LOTS to learn. Especially out of the classroom; but it was an amazing (_) years. College was definitely my best schooling years. I'm especially grateful for the many amazing people I met along the way. GO COUGS! haha.

take note of my super cheesy thumbs-up for my picture. everyone started laughing. i couldn't help myself, i can't stand being all serious about it.
sorry I can't turn it. apparently every grad gets to ring the ole' bell. i was the only one there. who would pass that up? I maybe thought it was going to fall on me. yikes.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Really Really REALLY?

In a couple of hours I'll be wearing one of these. How weird is that? I don't even know how to feel about it...

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

chain of picture thoughts

I really really miss these girls.
my public health partners.
Liz, where the heck have you been???
one girls night back in...january-ish. we entertained ourselves on a couch taking ridiculous pictures and laughing our heads off for like 2 hours.
^Like father like daughter...I have always been a daddy's girl.^
yellowstone...a really long time ago.

One of the handsome man's b-ball games back in winter.
And an old one. back before it all began. back when i maybe had a crush on him, maybe didn't (OK I totally did). I had just had my heart broken, re-broken someone's, and really wanted the handsome man's attention...but was hopelessly awkward and thought he like my friend.

Funny how it all plays out...