Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ode to the Zoob Sub

I can't believe we sold you Subaru...actually I can't believe someone paid money for you. Of course I know you're priceless, but you have been through a lot.

We went through a lot together, you were like my trusted sidekick. You saw me through these last five very crucial developmental years and stuck by me through it all. Driving me through my last year of high school- all the drama and races off the line, and if you count the times the other car didn't know we were racing, then yes, you even won a few.

Into college where you withstood abuse as I "tested" your four wheel drive capabilites, with too many close calls. When you were bumped or hit the damage done could not be seen among the other dents and scratches, I always appreciated this about you.

Our first wreck on my 19th birthday (aka one of the worst days ever) when you were blinded, yet you still managed to drive me home, sobbing, (away from those stupid cops singing "happy birthday") in your maimed state and though it cost more to fix you than it did to buy you, I continued to love you.

Inside you there were fights, breakups, first kisses, and super loud jam sessions, yes you were there through it all. Providing a quiet place to hide for secret phone calls or when I just couldn't face anything else.

You braved distances that were probably far too much of a strain on you, they left you smoking and threatening to overheat. I commend you for the one time you permitted me to drive you all the way to Salt Lake, yea I don't know what I was thinking either, but it was quite a feat.

Though I was ever wary you might be on your last leg, you continued to prove your astounding resilience as you ran bone dry on absolutely no oil when I forgot to keep up on it.

From your half new paint job, to your unquenchable oil leak I will never forget you. Your deteriorating seats, your broken radio, your door that would not open, and the AC that didn't work. You will always be cherished dear Zoob Sub. Though your next owner will not love you like I did, may you continue to smoke, leak and get better traction than a truck with chains in the snow.
How I will miss you.

Monday, August 11, 2008


This is much delayed but last month, ok actually in June, we went on an awesome trip with our buddies to Yuba. Good friends, Good food, Good fun. Actually there wasn't much food I could eat. haha. But I made it work. We had a BLAST and wished we could go every weekend. I also had my go at wakeboarding for the first time. I got up! but didn't stay up long. Oh well, I reached my goal and was satisfied. But was a little ashamed I couldn't keep up with everyone else. WE LOVE SUMMER and our awesome friends!

Confession: Most of the reason I updated is because Naomi told me I needed to. :) I love her so much, and often wish I could be her when I grow up, that I decided to satisfy her request as best I could. I know it's no rockstar diaries, but it's a little taste for ya. wink.

Cram time

I am very bad at updating. I think there are few reasons for this, I will name a few:
1. I don't really think anyone reads this
2. I don't really know what to say and I think my life is kind of boring.
3. I am always on my work computer and not my laptop, so I never have my pictures.
4. I never take pictures, or pictures cool enough
5. I don't have little babies or exciting things to flaunt to the world. But I am obsessed with my husband...I plan to blog about him, but don't want the few who may read this to stop because they are sickened with my obsession for my hott hubba hubba hubby. wink.

I will try to do a cram on some updates from the summer now.

Garret and I at the mall being us. and My pink hair shortly after I had an Avril moment and wanted to pretend I do new stuff with my hair.

Gar's Grandpa O is a sheep farmer and it makes our lives very fun. We got to feed the baby lambs and have so much fun with Gma and Gpa Osmond. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll...I love this man so much. He cleans up so well. But for that matter, I love him dirty too. wink.

This is one of my beautiful little twin sister in laws. They are both gorgeous and so fun. I love this picture of heather. So I had to post it.

Fishin up Strawberry. Lovin my mountain man. He caught that beautiful Rainbow Trout and it tasted Delicious!

Bare with me, I still don't get that dang blogging stuff and these are a little crazy. Hints and suggestions are very welcome. Summer in Utah has been awesome, even better than I thought.

Olympic LOVE

I am proud to be an American...most of the time. And this time, I am proud of our Olympic heroes representin' our lovely little country. I know other countries want to crush us, and gloat much more than necessary when they do beat us. But I love you and scream for you. I've even been known to jump out of my seat for you (phelps, and the medley last night). I will continue to sing the national anthem with you or for you when you stand so proud on the podium. And don't worry I was laughing at the those cocky frenchies with you last night as they "zmashed you". HA HA HA. Their noses definitley a bit lower last night and their words were smashed down their pate eating throats. C'est la vie mes amis. U-S-A, U-S-A.....