Monday, August 11, 2008

Cram time

I am very bad at updating. I think there are few reasons for this, I will name a few:
1. I don't really think anyone reads this
2. I don't really know what to say and I think my life is kind of boring.
3. I am always on my work computer and not my laptop, so I never have my pictures.
4. I never take pictures, or pictures cool enough
5. I don't have little babies or exciting things to flaunt to the world. But I am obsessed with my husband...I plan to blog about him, but don't want the few who may read this to stop because they are sickened with my obsession for my hott hubba hubba hubby. wink.

I will try to do a cram on some updates from the summer now.

Garret and I at the mall being us. and My pink hair shortly after I had an Avril moment and wanted to pretend I do new stuff with my hair.

Gar's Grandpa O is a sheep farmer and it makes our lives very fun. We got to feed the baby lambs and have so much fun with Gma and Gpa Osmond. A little bit country, a little bit rock and roll...I love this man so much. He cleans up so well. But for that matter, I love him dirty too. wink.

This is one of my beautiful little twin sister in laws. They are both gorgeous and so fun. I love this picture of heather. So I had to post it.

Fishin up Strawberry. Lovin my mountain man. He caught that beautiful Rainbow Trout and it tasted Delicious!

Bare with me, I still don't get that dang blogging stuff and these are a little crazy. Hints and suggestions are very welcome. Summer in Utah has been awesome, even better than I thought.


curious said...

Just wanted to let you know that someone was out there that felt your pain over the not reading thing. I moved my blog to blogger because my last blog made me feel insignificant.

Yennigirl said...

Hey! I read it!! AND I comment! Hint, hint! You just didn't post, so I am just catching up!

Christina and Toni said...

Emily!! You are not alone in it's just you and your hubby!! Sometimes I don't post anything FOREVER because I have nothing to update on what my not there children do!! Not that I don't love reading about everyones kids, it's just kind of hard to live up too!!! Your blog is way cute and I read it all the time!! So keep up the good work!! Love ya tons!!

cat+tadd said...

I read your blog FAITHFULLY! Some times I just forget to comment, my bad. Love the blog!