Thursday, April 30, 2009

today was

A very good day. really, it was fabulous. 

there is nothing like 
seeing old friends.

I got to go to the wedding of my sister in law's 
sister. they are from Tahiti. 
I haven't been to TAHITI for five years. So it's been quite a while since I have seen the family. But they are so beautiful and wonderful and we were good friends again right away. 

I missed them a lot. 

I got to use my french! I don't get to do that very often. I am very out of practice and it makes me very sad sometimes. but they were very patient and kind. vahitu
 even said my french was better HA! then he made fun of my french accent (the tahitian "R" is different, and I think kind of prettier) and i smiled that he thought I even had one at all. 

i miss tahiti very much. i hope to go back with my honey very soon. maybe christmas? maybe. 

after the brothers talked to gar about fishing, his heart was won. he wants to go almost as much as i do now! we'll have to get him a spear. and i'll ha
ve to practice my french. 

I forgot my camera at the temple, but hopefully can steal some pictures from my papa. or from some of the family on facebook. 

but it was just such a good day. :) 
beautiful sister in law Herenui (means "great love")
good ole' brother dave who is married to lovely herenui (he is the second oldest of the five bybee boys)
Beautiful darling Tevai, their daughter
and handsome little man MATOHI, their baby boy. (ok he's like a toddler now) 
Now I need to go dig up some Tahiti photos and start filling the piggy bank for a

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


finals are done...wowzers. if only i knew what i was doing with my life...


My. Skin. Hurts.

and I love aloe vera.

Monday, April 20, 2009

i take that back.

I may have spoken too soon. As it turns out, it does not still feel nice to be a different color besides pasty. I am getting more RED by the hour and it hurts. I hope I'm not a wrinkled piece of leather when i get older! Sienna is scolding me right now I just know it! 


Move over susan boyle

So I jumped on the susan boyle band wagon loved her along with the rest of the world. 

BUT I think this little man is my pick. Love it. 

on a side note, I laid out today to study, and true to my old habits, i was out a bit too long. I'm a little red an crispy now. But i have to admit, it feels kind of nice to be a different color than pasty! 

Thursday, April 9, 2009

how the epcot center changed my life

these little treasures were sent to me today. i've never even seen them before today. 

the epcot center maybe is party responsible for feuling/and or creating my love (borderline obsession) for foreign cultures, peoples, and places. 

ok so this is seaworld, but it's all part of the themeI have never thought me and my mom look anything alike (or me and my dad for that matter) but sometimes I think I see some resemblance...

i may or may not remember secretly thinking these head dress men were beautiful.  Speaking of secretly, i believe i used to roll up my shorts and try to tell my mom that they looked short because my legs were so long...

once upon a time i was a bean pole...and i had a very extensive troll collection. my prize troll being "norman 8" from norway. he was given to me on my 8th bday, hence the 8 part of his name. also, is it wierd i kind of like my hair in this picture? minus the crazy bangs.

can you believe i was only 11 in these pics? in some of them i feel like i look older. weird. 

Thursday, April 2, 2009

the proof

Question: who gives a kid a power drill? you dig my goggles (with no lenses)? 

oh those were some seriously awkward years...

very sad for you i can't figure out how to make this bigger so you can experience my serious BRACE FACE!

Cousin Dustin, Emily (yes, the other Emily Bybee) and yours truly! 

Whoever thought these little people would grow up! 
Little Emily Marie Bybee in the swing and little Emily Suzanne Bybee pushing her! 

And the best part EMILY MARIE IS ENGAGED!!! YAY!!! I am SO SO excited for my sweet cousin!!! Married life is the best, and I am just so happy for you!
I can't believe we are all grown up now! I love you em! Congratulations!!!