Thursday, April 2, 2009

Cousin Dustin, Emily (yes, the other Emily Bybee) and yours truly! 

Whoever thought these little people would grow up! 
Little Emily Marie Bybee in the swing and little Emily Suzanne Bybee pushing her! 

And the best part EMILY MARIE IS ENGAGED!!! YAY!!! I am SO SO excited for my sweet cousin!!! Married life is the best, and I am just so happy for you!
I can't believe we are all grown up now! I love you em! Congratulations!!!


emily p said...

congrats to the otha emily bybes!

p.s. please tell me you kept that high-waisted pink mini.

Em & Gar said...

haha. i always did have a weakness for short skirts!

Linds said...

my favorite is the pink and blue hair clips. always the fashionista!