Wednesday, November 11, 2009

birthday and the fur ball.

Meet Sprinkles Cocoa-puff Stembridge. Gar got her "for me" for my birthday on the 6th. But he is pretty much smitten by her and I'm pretty sure it was just a good excuse to get this little love muffin.
So for some reason she looks super big in photos and they do not do her any justice at all. She is a MILLION times cuter in person. Really I promise. and she is tiny. only about 2 pounds. She is so dark it's kind of hard to see her in the pics, but it's the best we've got so far. We pretty much love her to pieces; she is the smartest, sweetest, sassiest!!!, little fluff ball ever. Come meet her!

Excuse my camera rat face. The little terror had left me with less than 2 hours of sleep the first night and it shows!

The other Doogies are her boyfriends, Chincey and Max. They thought she was a cat at first and it wasn't pretty, but they warmed up...sort of. :) Karis and Lanky, we're sorry we never cleaned up the poop off your lawn! :(

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Let the puppy naming begin!

...I got nothin'...

please give me all and any of your ideas!