Thursday, April 9, 2009

how the epcot center changed my life

these little treasures were sent to me today. i've never even seen them before today. 

the epcot center maybe is party responsible for feuling/and or creating my love (borderline obsession) for foreign cultures, peoples, and places. 

ok so this is seaworld, but it's all part of the themeI have never thought me and my mom look anything alike (or me and my dad for that matter) but sometimes I think I see some resemblance...

i may or may not remember secretly thinking these head dress men were beautiful.  Speaking of secretly, i believe i used to roll up my shorts and try to tell my mom that they looked short because my legs were so long...

once upon a time i was a bean pole...and i had a very extensive troll collection. my prize troll being "norman 8" from norway. he was given to me on my 8th bday, hence the 8 part of his name. also, is it wierd i kind of like my hair in this picture? minus the crazy bangs.

can you believe i was only 11 in these pics? in some of them i feel like i look older. weird. 


emily p said...

i see a nice reoccurring theme in your latest posts... old photos. how 'bout some new ones?! :)
but i do love the oldies.
and i love epcot as well.

Linds said...

I love going through the oldies. I'm going to sit down with Merrijane sometime this month and get a bunch of Randy's oldies. I can't wait!