Tuesday, August 4, 2009

chain of picture thoughts

I really really miss these girls.
my public health partners.
Liz, where the heck have you been???
one girls night back in...january-ish. we entertained ourselves on a couch taking ridiculous pictures and laughing our heads off for like 2 hours.
^Like father like daughter...I have always been a daddy's girl.^
yellowstone...a really long time ago.

One of the handsome man's b-ball games back in winter.
And an old one. back before it all began. back when i maybe had a crush on him, maybe didn't (OK I totally did). I had just had my heart broken, re-broken someone's, and really wanted the handsome man's attention...but was hopelessly awkward and thought he like my friend.

Funny how it all plays out...


emily said...

i hope you took those first photos on your comp, 'cause those are the best.
is that last one of you & gar on new years? ha. the male/female ratio was about 7 to 1? good times :)

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

love to reminisce too! oh so fun.
we still need to get that mexican food