Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Obsession...continued

So remember how a few hours ago, I confessed of my vampire and Bella obsession. Yea, well I just pre-ordered the new book. I never do stuff like that, I'm totally a book borrower or library book person. But I just COULD not wait, only to have all the stores sell out and me not get one for weeks! I do have to wait a few extra days after the release date. But I'm sure it will be totally worth it! Who am I? :)

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Christina and Toni said...

YEAH!! I am really excited that you are a blogger now!! And that you are obsessed with Twilight, because I am too!! And my husband thinks I am crazy because of it!! I totally just bought the book online a few days ago!! Plus I read 1-3 last summer and have been waiting FOREVER for the 4th to come out!!! So I would love to hear what you think about the books so far!! Everyone I meet, has an opinion about them!! I could go on FOREVER!! I miss you tons and sorry so long!! Hope to hear from you soon!! XOXO