Thursday, July 16, 2009


This darling girl and I have been friends for like....a really long time. Since we was itty bitty's...or so.

in fact, i just dug up about a million old old old pics of us when my mother made me clean out my old room. a flood of mischievous memories ensued.

She's is pretty much the only girl I trust with my hair. Really she's amazing. And she puts up with my constant reschedules (I'm kind of really bad at making set plans).

My favorite thing about sitting in her chair with her scissors ready to attack? Well, I never have to know exactly what I want, I just give her ideas I have and know that she will undoubtedly leave me looking better than when I came in. She pushes my hair limits, and trust me I have lots of them, I've basically had the same hair...forever. That is priceless friends. It's like she has a vision for your hair. :) ha. sometimes I think she'd really take joy in chopping mine all off, but she doesn't, cuz she knows I'm a scaredy-cat and I'd die.
Check out her new hair blog. It's the bomb.
P.S. her name is Caitlyn, not Kitelyn. I just always called her that n' stuff.


emily said...
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emily said...

ha. such a clever name for a hair blog. i'm glad you trust her with your hair. that's important.

cat+tadd said...

Thanks love! Now let's really do lunch! And of course set up an appointment for you to use your 25% off!