Thursday, July 8, 2010

I love him

maybe this picture of gar took my breath away a little. and melted my (cold, little, scared-of-having- kids) heart.

no wonder the man's baby hungry. look at him. He's going to be the most amazing dad.

which is only one of the countless reasons I love him and married him.

I'd give him babies just to see this image everyday.

image stolen from dear friend lindsay's blog. this is her adorable-beyond-belief baby boy


Kayla R. said...

OOOHHH so precious!

emily said...

i love it. i saw this on linny's blog and thought, "aww cute"

Rich and Mari Jones said...

So cute! Garrett will be a great dad!

Linds said...

you are sweet.

i seriously adore randy as a father. no joke. it is the best when a man knows his way around a babe. gar will be a fantastic papa.

only one more year right? wink.

Yennigirl said...

Hmmmmm. Sounds very encouraging that Gar might be getting his wish soon! I love that picture. And it's true, if you think a guy is great, wait until they become a dad!!