Friday, July 16, 2010


Who can give me girls camp suggestions?!?! About anything, anything you remember, liked, didn't like, whatever.

Food, songs, cheers, crafts, firesides, trinkets....ANYTHING! :) I'm only a little desperate

Pretty please?!

I might be freaking out just a little, tiny, bit. Would love anything anyone could think of.


Yennigirl said...

Ok, DEEP BREATHS! What is your calling? You can't need to know EVERYTHING because everyone has a job to do. Email me and let me know.

Trevor and Andi said...

Rachelle may have already told you, but their home ward made the cutest little bracelet/anklets out of washers and ribbon.
Also check out thecreativecrate for other craft ideas...
Good luck!

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

You'll do fine. I'm so jealous right now that that's your calling. Loved GIRLSCAMP... but sadly I don't remember too much other than the pranks.