Friday, June 18, 2010


Very sad to see this dear dear lovely friend leave me. She is off to much bigger and better things but still it's so hard to say goodbye to wonderful friends who are tied up in your heart strings.

She'll kill me for this one, but I laugh my guts out every time I look at it so I can't help myself. SUCH good times!

So many friends have left a huge impression on me and will forever be dear to my heart. This lovely friend is definitely one of them. We went through a lot together and no matter what I will always feel tied to her from all we went through together. So proud of you and wish you the very best in all to come.


Tony said...

where is she going? you guys do make a cute duo.


Em & Gar said...

She got a sweet job that takes her to NY then Detroit for a while and I think she'll end up in Chicago.

I miss you si!

Brooke said...

Emily I JUST saw this post...a YEAR later! Oh my gosh, how did I not have your blog in my google reader until today?! I love love love you and cannot wait to see you over the 4th (and introduce you to the guy wink wink). And I laughed so hard when I saw that grill pic. Ahahaha such good times!