Monday, April 19, 2010

a recipe for good times

To get a good laugh (and feel cool when people laugh at your jokes) call brother who is college professor in the middle of his class:

Brother numero dos (out of 5), who is pictured left with yours truly circa 1988 ish, answered my call the other day and said "Hey I've got someone who wants to say hi to you." suddenly it sounds like something is exploding. When I ask him what the "heck" that was he says it was his Bio 100 class. They bust up laughing (more exploding noise) and I ask him what kind of professor he is answering his cell phone in class, "what kind of education are those kids getting?" More exploding noises (I'm guessing laughter). Ahhhh, what I would give to sit in on his class.
If only you could see the glory of brother's full-blown (nasty) eighties mullet. woot.

To get the "laughs so hard you can't breathe"--(and blackmail material for future) catch husband unawares:

Walked in on Garret doing the cha-cha in the mirror. It got even better when he realized I was watching and blushed like a tomato...I haven't laughed that hard...maybe ever.

(errrr...since I just blogged this, does that mean I can't use it for blackmail? deerrrn)

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Linds said...

I can just imagine Garret dancing--how funny!