Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dear Earth,

Happy Earth Day
Maui, HI

Sierra Nevadas, Mexico

Serra da Capivara, Brasil
Rio de Janiero, Brasil
Gainesville, FL
Eastern Coast (man from snowy river area), Australia
Sydney, Australia
No matter where I am, you are always there, beautiful and lovely. Hot or cold, mountains or water, trees or desert. Here's to a day about remembering to take better care of you (everyday).

I believe a healthy environment makes healthy (happy) people. Help the earth and the earth helps you.

To find out more about the environment and your health go here
If you live in Utah, find out about your environment and health closer to home here

If you want to find out about your state environmental health go here


emily said...

te acuerdo. (sierra madres :))

Linds said...

lovely earth.

Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

I love the pics!

LANKY and KARIS said...

Dear Emily,
You need to update! the end