Thursday, September 2, 2010


Here's the thing, I love shoes. Like, totally.

They always fit, they make or break an outfit, and there are endless possibilities. And since this blog is boooooorrrriiinnnggg it's time for something a little interesting. Plus, it's mine, so I get to put what I want. And the -2 people that read it can it. errr something.

Shoes 1. Happy coral pumps.

They are my flavor of the week if you will (and if you won't well... well that way. insert tongue sticking out emoticon). I have basically been drooling over a pair of pumps like this for months. But there is something inside me that basically prohibits me from buying anything full price. Unless it's dirrrt cheap (I'm might be cheap but I ain't free (name that song)). It's just the way I roll. So when these little puppies went on sale there was no thought involved, they were pretty much in my cart before I even had time to click the mouse.
Also, since I'm kind of a pro-shopper (or sickly obsessed if you ask my husband, but don't k?) I went to my favorite little coupon code site and found a 10% off code to make them even cheaper. boo yea Grandma (cuz my grandma would totally be proud, she might be 94 but she can still totally appreciate a good sale).

OH YEA, AND once you hit a certain amount (that was much lower than usual because U.O. was having a promo.) You got free shipping! So of course I had to add enough to my cart to hit that, because obviously that was the economical thing to do. duh.
What's that pink dot on my foot you ask? Oh, yea, no biggie just a mosquito bite from over three weeks ago. No, I'm not strangely allergic (errr something) to mosquitoes, why do you ask?
The good stuff: Unique color. Actually more of a faded coral. They photograph really bright for some reason. Not too tall, not too short. Easier to walk in. dress em' up or down. Make an outfit pop. Don't really have anything like them.

The less good stuff: (I refuse to say "bad" stuff about shoes. It goes against all I hold dear): They were a different color than I expected, because they photograph bright (like I said, derrr). They are not as comfortable as I hoped. They took for friggin eva' to get here! (Ok I guess that's not the shoes fault... but still!) Get wit' it U.O.

Bought: Urban Outfitters (online) for $26 pesos originally $48
On a side note, U.O. is totally cheaper online. for shuurrr. And...has anyone else noticed the Gateway U.O. is kind of awful?
Worn: 2x's
Pain Factor: 8. no 2. No 8, wait what's the question...? OK, OK, my final answer is: slight. A little rubbing around the top sides of my feet, but mostly only on my right foot. I guess my right foot needs to cut down the calories. And the left heel is a little rubby. Nothing a little calous can't take care of.

If these shoes could talk:
they would say-- Bow chica wow wow! Translation: I'm cute and sweet enough to meet the parents but I could totally look hotT at the club. (OK, so that's just a guess because I've never been to the club...but I'm still cool, sniff.) Errr...the singles ward social-dance-stand-around-look available thing.

Shoes 2. NananaNike athletic/running/shporty shoos

I have been needing new "running shoes" for a while (since I run marathons like all the time didn't you know?). Pretty much since my other athletic-y shoes decided to wage war on me at Havasupai last summer (my feet are still recovering, no. really.). Since I can pretty much run 5 feet before passing out they are more accurately work out shoes. Because I'm lucky and get to work out at work. woot.

I wanted something that looked good (I'm a shoe snot, whatev.) FELT GOOD (are those two things even possible together?!). And was functional, (i.e. I could gym in but if, by some miracle, I ran they could keep up).

My sock has a flippin' pom pom. Oh my heck.
The good Stuff: Com.for.table. Really soft feeling inside and breath really well. Nice squishy supportive bottom, that doesn't scuff, and doesn't slip. They are cute. And seem to do well gyming or running (bounce walking in my case).

The less good stuff: Sometimes I think they have a weird shaped toe. They don't have very long laces so they are sometimes awkward to tie. I hope to never encounter liquid in them because they are basically mostly mesh-like.

Bought: Ross for $29 (!!!). (grandma, can I get a boo-yea)
Worn: lots
Pain Factor: None. Well, except once when I pulled the laces too tight, which is easy to do since the laces are pretty short. Just sayin'

If these shoes could talk: They would say-- I can goooooo the distaaaaance. Ahem. Or, at least keep up with your chubby bum while you (scoff) work out.

P.S. The jeans I am wearing in the shoes 1 pictures are the most comfortable jeans on. this. planet. Like butta'. But they're not shoes so I can't tell you where I got them. That would be impolite to the shoes in the post (derrr).

P.P.S No hate mail (please) about how I'm such a Material Girl (errr something) It's my blog and I can cry if (and how) I want to.


emily said...

this is adorable. i can totally hear your voice throughout this whole post.
almost bought those coral ones myself. remember when i used to have like 1 pair of shoes? and now i have a million? i think i caught the addiction from you. wink.

Linds said...

i loved this post. thanks for sharing. i need some new shoes. :( but i hate shopping for them.

also loved your shout out to havasupai. lets go back. proc-you too :)

Rich and Mari Jones said...

I love love love this post! I need those coral pumps!!

LANKY and KARIS said...

Remember your old place where you had your own closet for your shoes! Haha I love it. I need you to just buy my shoes for me... I'm not good at the whole shoe-buying thing. Me and shopping dont get alone.. espically with a baby. Lets get together soon!

Claire Valene Bagley said...

I heart your faded coral shoes. I want to eskimo kiss them, THAT'S how much I dig them.

How are you girl? I need to keep track of you better!

@emllewellyn said...

I have those pumps in black. Luuuuurve them.

kim said...

I like this paying attention to the number of times you wear the pair of shoes thing...very clever!

Emily said...

I just adore the pumps! Please share? :) Haha.