Saturday, January 28, 2012

Costa Rica es PURA VIDA: San Jose and Arenal

Are you ready for picture overload??? 

 We absolutely loved Costa Rica. So much so, we decided we would live there and can't wait to go back! Here's a look at our first two cities: San Jose and Arenal. San Jose was...a big city. I don't know what else to really say about it. We got in late at night and drove through the red light district to get to our hotel. That experience. A local told us later that if the "escorts" look fit and pretty they are a man. you know. While I'm glad we saw San Jose to see another side of Costa Rica, we were pretty glad to get out the next day.

Arenal was a BEAUTIFUL place. It's famous for it's volcano, eco thermales (hot springs) and river rafting. We loved all three! Our pictures at the eco thermales were on a film water camera so I will have to develop those sometime and post them. But, that place was amazing! The pools varied in heat with water falls and beautiful surroundings. We wanted to go every night!

Enjoying the Dallas airport


The boulevard in San Jose behind our hotel

The drives were absolutely breathtaking

These little wood shops with wood animals for sale were all over the side of the road.

Can you see the faces?

Beautiful cathedral

The grounds, these bushes are amazing!

I love old churches and cathedrals

Can I have this flooring please?

I have a mild obsession with all things nautical

The view from the cathedral. See that rainforest right across the street?!

Just something I have to do sometimes.

Our lovely travel companions drinking a delicious blackberry drink

This is pretty much the traditional Costa Rican meal and we LOVED it.

Winding through the cloud covered hills

The view from our room!

I loves starfruit!

On the grounds AMAZING.

Probably the most beautiful place we stayed.

We just couldn't get over the amazing grounds!

The beautiful birds we saw every morning at breakfast!

The big kahuna, trying to attract the ladies with his impressive orange beard.

Can you see the lovely bird?

I love bugs and these wasps were amazing.

Pretty flowers everywhere

Showin us his best side

The resort

Beautiful butterfly in the butterfly garden

Cool flower/plant things

We are so white we glow!

Right below our room.

One of our favorite little restaurants

The little guaramundi begging. He was just hanging on the side of the road waiting for us!

We kinda liked him

Just strolling down the level 4 rapids

The pictures don't do this justice AT ALL.

Victor! Our guide. He told us he was married to a "cougar".

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And that's a wrap!


Val said...

How Fun! Looks like a great trip.

Linds said...

I'm so glad you posted this. I've been wanting to see your pictures. I live vicariously through people & their trips :)

emily said...

hooray. i feel so happy to see all these photos. you guys are super cute.
and you guys are the coolest cats.