Sunday, January 8, 2012

2011 in review: January-April

Since one of my (serious, I promise!) resolutions is to blog more, a look back at 2011 seems like a pretty great place to start (in a 3 part steps).
This was a very good year for I think I can speak for the handsome part of this duo...
A lot of big, exciting things happened this year and a lot of little things that make every day life sweet. 

So, here's to new beginnings and amazing memories. Thanks 2011, ya done spoiled us.

Brother Seth with roses for Gma
JANUARY- I can't remember what we did for New Years, how sad is that? 
My Beautiful Grandmother, Lorraine Phair, passed away. I went to Klamath Falls, Oregon, where my mother grew up for the funeral. Grandma didn't want anyone to be sad, she wanted us to have a party! And I was lucky enough to party with lots of beloved cousins that I never get to see (and didn't take any stinking pictures of). The time was deeply cherished and Grandma's life and memory was honored. My Mom told me she kept picturing her and my Grandpa (gone for 14 years) dancing together. They were an amazing example of true love. 
Mom and Pop with me (who got the FLU on the drive up, awesome!)

A small part of my family that could make it.

One of the only LDS churches with the articles of faith on the side. My Mom's and Dad's old church in Klamath Falls, OR.

Mom and Dad in the Church they had their reception in (over 40 years ago!)

FEBRUARY- The month of love! Garret's birthday is on February 14th (so he's the one man that has Valentine's day all about him!) and our 3 anniversary on the 16th. This year we went skiing to celebrate. I had only been skiing one other time in my life, in the 4th grade, so I was a little nervous. Gar turned out to be an amazing instructor and I only fell twice! I think it may be a new hobby for us!
MARCH- This is completely embarrassing and another good reason to blog, but, I can't remember what I did in March. I also took no pictures! Who does that? So it must have been a good month of day to day living. This includes, me working and loving every minute working with the Young Women in our church, Gar being super man working full time and finishing school and loving the dog baby Sprinkles.

APRIL- We went to New York City! This was my first time in the city and a much needed break. We did everything we could and loved every minute of it. Again it was confirmed that the handsome man is my favorite person to travel with ever. Just a few of the things we did: Ate PIZZA, Times Square, Rockefellar, SHOPPED., Brooklyn, Korea town, Yankees Game, Wicked, Central Park and SO much good food! One of my favorite vacations of ours so far. 

Please tell me you know what's going on here...

We didn't get many pictures at ground zero, but it was amazing, even in the rain.

Gold star for anyone who can tell me what this is. One of my FAVORITES!


Yes, we did this right on the Brooklyn Bridge for all the world to see. What.

Part of this was actually a work trip. So I got to hang with co-workers a little too. 

Proc came to visit

And we got to hang with cute Sienna and Bo too (and a weird thing).

I also re-did our Bedroom in our beloved SLC apartment. Annnd then we moved...

To be Continued...


sienna said...

can't wait for more! love seeing what you guys have been up to. that was so awesome and random that we got to hang out in new york together! someday, we'll plan it so that all four of us can be there together. i can't wait.

nic + alli said...

What is home alone (the pic in New York). What a fun year you had and we got to meet! Best. Ever. :)

Linds said...

I have the problem of forgetting what I did without pictures/blogposts. Seriously if I didn't document it, then it didn't happen.

I'm up for NYC, let's go.

emily said...

wait, so did you guys take up skiing?