Tuesday, January 17, 2012


I'm totally aware that we are halfway through the month now and that resolutions were so 2 weeks ago, but, I wanted to get them down this year. Isn't there some thing that some person or book says about really successful people writing their goals down and seeing them constantly? Now, I'm totally going to be really successful.

2012 Resolutions-- 
in no particular order
1. Blog more
2. Be a better friend, sister, wife (not to be confused with sisterwife), daughter and family member. 
3. BE BETTER, in all I do
4. Take pictures and like what I see
5. Exercise and eat well (because I'm worth it) 
6. Cook 
7. Grow my own food 
8. Try a new hobby
9. Do something that scares me
10. Get outside (enjoy "my own backyard")
11. PRAY
12. Do something I love 
14. Take the GRE/GMAT
15. Serve

Let's be honest, the list goes on. There are so many areas I find myself wanting to improve in and so many things I want to do/learn/accomplish. I think one thing I need to remember is to be patient with myself. I can only take one day at a time. I'm excited for a new year with new goals and new opportunities.

In junior high we had a student teacher come in to teach us. I don't remember her lesson, but, for some reason I still remember she taught us "carpe diem" and how it meant to seize the day! I still think that to myself sometimes when I'm feeling weak or scared or nervous--which, I feel like happens way to much these days. So, maybe that will be my motto for 2012: 



sienna said...

looks like some great goals. can't wait to hear what your new hobby will be. i was thinking of taking up a new hobby myself, but i'm not sure what yet.

Smith, Here! said...

Thank you Emily for the artist comment you left, i love her stuff! so pretty.