Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2011 in review: May-August

May- GAR GRADUATES from the University of Utah!!! I am so proud of him and we have fun celebrating with family.

I went to Bryce Canyon for a work conference and was able to spend a little time hiking and practicing my French with tourists! It was a nice little get away and so beautiful.

WE BUY a HOUSE!!! It all happened really quickly and before we knew it we were in a beautiful home that we love decorating and making our own. I have some before and afters to come and I'll have to just post some house pictures one of these days.

June- We try to move into said house and decorate...sooo much easier said than done. But we have so much fun in our new hood. We even plant a garden and get beehives!

July- We have a family reunion for my side (yes we are that enormous and spread out now) in Bear Lake. It's nice to get some time with family especially when we don't get to see each other often. Again, I took no pictures. NEW YEARS RESOLUTION! So, instead, I've brought you this awesome picture of my mad scientist brother and the handsome man brewing cover scent for GOOD STINK (that's another story).
AUGUST- We did some fun summer-y things. I went up to girls camp for my beloved Brookshire ward (from our SLC home). I was camp director and Laurels advisor and I balled my eyes out when we moved. I had to spend at least a little time with these hoodlums.

Linny and Randy were lovely enough to invite us to their (family) cabin in beautiful Christmas Meadows. We had an amazing weekend fishing, gaming, hiking, playing with their adorable baby boy and eating. We sure love the Owens and Denters!
(side note: Linds is my college roomate so our love runs deep)

Garret plays softball in the summer and basketball in the winter and I play chat-with-the-wives-while-we-watch (and their cute bebes).  So, of course we need to go to the batting cages to practice!
Shwing batta batta shwing!

Sometimes I get in on the action too. Once upon a time I played softball...WIVES, CO-ED TEAM NEXT SUMMER!
We went fishing in our favorite little place, Peoa! Gar's grandpa has property that he is kind enough to let us enjoy and we love every minute of it. Garret's sister Hayley came with us and we caught a bunch of fish! She was our good luck charm. We also almost got killed by a charging cow. That was terrifying.
There is a bunch of stuff in my sweatshirt pocket OK.

August also marks the beginning of the best and worst season...depending on who you're asking. HUNTING SEASON. I have a love/hate relationship. But, husband's relationship is all LOVE. So, if you can't beat em' join em', right?
We went "spotting" up Provo canyon and it was incredibly beautiful. We found this beautiful open field where there was not a soul but us (no deer either). Someone needs to propose to someone up here or have a really romantic picnic or something.

He's precious right?

Boyfriend jeans make my legs shrink.


Val said...

What a fun year Em. still don't know how we manage to live so close and NEVER see eachother.

sienna said...

congrats on graduating gar! i know a few months late, but still. you guys are so good at enjoying the utah outdoors. that's one of my new year's resolutions-- spend more time in the mountains.

Linds said...

Wahoo on graduations! Bryce is beautiful and such a hidden gem. I'm looking forward to your before/after house pictures mainly because I think you have the cutest house! And how can I not love it when you come and visit us. We're thinking we'll be there again this year. You're coming, right? :) Boyfriend jeans make you look hot.

emily said...

glad garret graduated (not just because everyone else said that...) and well i'm glad you two enjoy the outdoors.

hay.stemie said...

LOVE IT!!! Makes me want to do something just like it! I love ya!