Thursday, March 1, 2012

Costa Rica: Monteverde

You thought I was back to my old ways didn't you! Well I'm back with another picture overload. 

Monteverde was our 3rd city in Costa Rica and is a little place in the mountains. It's way up tiny, muddy, crazy roads in the cloud forests. Someone told us the cloud forests are one of the 100 things you need to see before it's gone. It's sad to think these wonders are disappearing at such fast rate. 

Monteverde was a kind of cold and very wet but it was so beautiful and I actually loved it. The forests were so thick and GREEN and just breath taking.  

See what those are? Leaf cutter ants!
Ants can hold up to ten times their body weight. This big (little) guy is holding that massive twig all with his jaws! 
Dun nuh, dun nuh, dun nuh
Dinner plate size, folks! 
That guy made this guy look like nothing! He was probably fist sized. 
Zip lining and repelling in the canopy, SO beautiful! 

The guys jumped from this nutso bridge 175ft off the ground.  That's a little too close to death defying for me.

I love shacks, they always have the best food. 
It's an optical illusion! 

The amazing view from our room, this picture does no justice. 



Bon Bon said...

noooooo! that spider.! would've given me a heart attack! xoxo

emily said...

woah. that's a big leaf.

sienna said...

that looks like a gorgeous place! i'm still so jealous that you guys got to go on such a fun trip. i love all the bug pics, so bybes.

Linds said...

I want to go to there.
That zip lining seems so invigorating!