Monday, February 2, 2009

Hot Mama geneology: it's so hot right now.

I'm fairly certain my mother will kill me if she ever sees this post. 

But it's too wonderfully awesome and adorable not to post. And I'm just so proud to be her only daughter. 

My Ma rocks. (obviously).

this is the lovely lady about age 16. 

my dancing obsessions are obviously genetic. 


naomi megan. said...

wow i love that photo!! i think she looks beautiful.


Todd and Rachel said...

HAHAHA...Hey! How are you guys? We miss you too! How is everything? Isn't somebody's anniversary coming up soon?! Emily that post was all for you...I'm SO happy you saw it! Remember when I posted our trip and I mentioned I saw him and you posted to "prove it" you GO! P.S. it's called irony;) HAHAHA...I miss your sarcasm! How is everything?