Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Time flies when...

You marry the MAN of your DREAMS

no, it's not the birthday of the best day ever yet. but i'm just anticipating. 
almost 1 year...still feels like we're dating. 

here's a fun little tidbit until the big one year post. 


naomi megan. said...

i can't believe you've almost been married a year either. or that i've almost been married for two!


and i love that video.

emily said...

oh... i'm such a good videographer :)

Linds said...

Happy day, oh happy day!!!

Decide on any big plans?


The Taylors said...

I'll totally make you a shirt if you want... just let me know what you want on it!
YOur hair is so curly and BEAUTIFUL in your wedding pictures. Is it still long?

sienna said...

time sure does fly. i have heard rumors of the first year being hard, but looks like you guys flew through it like it was nothing. helps to be prepared i guess. much love and happiness in the coming weeks until your real ani and in the year to come.