Wednesday, February 4, 2009

it's about that time...

My life is a little on the crazy side these days. 
i bit off kind of a whole lot more than i could chew this semester. my last semester of classes, what was i thinking???

The results?...

my house is a constant mess
our cupboards are practically bare because the dishes are continuously in the sink or dishwasher (unloading pshaw! i'm just lucky if it gets loaded. why put them back in the cupboard when i can just pull them out of the dishwasher duh?)
I don't think I even know what a vacuum is anymore.
my insane graduate student english teacher keeps giving us weekly assignments that should take weeks to finish. (THIS IS A GE I'M filling lady!) I actually just didn't do one assignment, who does that? who just doesn't complete an assignment when they are in college? that's junior high stuff. I even walked up and told her, just right to her face, "I didn't finish" really? really? REALLY?
I haven't bought groceries in weeks. just the essentials when i absolutely have to. (i know i know my poor husband, my mother would be ashamed!)
My bathroom probably wouldn't be fit for swine. 
i have to work at the most awkward hours because of my school schedule.
i can't even walk into my laundry room.
my friends probably hate me or have put out a missing persons report because i dropped off the face of the academic planet.
Shower? Shower? that's what hats and deoderant are for!
I'm late to just about everything (i know you're thinking "what's new" but I've actually gotten much better since marrying the MR., it's actually frustrating and alarming to be late now!)
We have succesfully broken four tires, one rim, and a tail light between our two cars in a matter of weeks all equally = $$$$$$$$ out of our pitifully small student married pockets

My life is sort of complete chaos right now. (not to be confused with the kind of actual chaos that people like my sis in laws experience when you have lots of little rugrats and add their schedules to your day.) 
and yet, I find myself deliriously happy. feeling complete, joyful, peaceful (well maybe that's going a little to far, wink) but truly delighted to be me. 

I get to come home to this handsome hunk 
Everyday! and that with a whole lot of other wonderful things makes the chaos ok. :) 



The Taylors said...

I never do my dishes, cook or grocery shop... and I'm not even going to school this semester...... What's wrong with me?

sienna said...

sounds like you've got your hands full, but glad you are happy cause that's the most important. this is probably just practice for later when the rugrats come.