Friday, February 11, 2011

my happy thought

Summer 2009...ish. Can you see the fiery heart around us!?! Oh my heck it's true love!!!
Today while looking for something in my email I came across a little list from almost two years ago. I wrote it to send to a dear friend who had started putting happy lists on their blog.
It was one of those things, like finding old pictures you completely forgot about...and that sort of nostalgic feeling in your tummy. Well, at least, that's how it made me feel.

The fun thing was, all those things still make me so happy today. And it's always nice to be reminded of the things that make you really happy especially after a really loooooong week that got extra extra long because I am sick.

So, because it's the weekend, because the sun is out!, because spring is around the corner, because it's a birthday weekend at our house!, because it's lovers day on Monday (that is kind of crappy though), and because maybe it's love week at our house with a special extra day to celebrate true love just for us, and just because I feel like it-- I give you my happy list.

1. knowing he and i are for eternity
2. the ocean in the early morning
3. the sand under my feet as the water pulls it away and buries my toes.
4. a secret, only for me, from my love. sealed with a kiss.
5. the first flowers of spring
6. finding sand in my sandals or swimsuits long after i've been near a beach
7. grandma giving me things that belonged to her mother
8. kisses that make it all better
9. prayer
10. dancing when no one is looking and still being able to do the step

I should do this weekly to give me a boost!

What's making you happy this weekend?


Whitney Bonnett Taylor said...

sad you're sick. You two are cute! We need to hang out. Are you preggers yet?

emily said...

love that photo. and prayer has been a big thing for me lately. i need to remember to use it more...

Rich and Mari Jones said...

You and Gar coming to hang out with us!

LANKY and KARIS said...

Slobbery baby kisses always make my weekend =) Happy birthday to garret tomorrow and happy anniversary on wed. It s a great week of love for you guys!

Linds said...

i love being happy. and dancing. especially with you-oh you know it! woowoo!