Saturday, February 6, 2010

picture fest and ramblings.

I am sitting in the hospital waiting for the handsome man to get his gall bladder out and decided it was high time I put something on this blog. I have nothing really good to say so maybe just pictures or something.

For an update, after two weeks of a ridiculous and unnecessary (and maddening) amount of pain and drama (sleepless nights and days in the E.R., hospital, and doctors offices) some doctors, who actually had their acts together, are putting gar out of his pain and misery and taking his dang gall bladder out. It's about time. That's what I have to say about that. We are happy to just get it over and done with and move on with our happy little lives sans the enemy who was el gall bladder. How dare his body turn on him!

Unfortunately I have neglected this blog too long to really do a sufficient update without seven pages long of writing, which really, let's be honest, no one cares about. So...some highlights maybe?

November-- My birthday, Sprinkles was added to our family and it was a little bit of a rough ride at first but we love her to pieces and who doesn't love to come home to something that is so excited to see you it wizzes a little? That's love.

Sprinkles is now about 3.5 pounds and a fuzzy wild little thing. She is totally my match. We kind of constantly have battles over who is really in charge. In some ways I kind of think she is a little my personality in dog form...wierd to say? Really, the pooch has got attitude. I am very proud to say she can now sit, lay down, roll over and shake. Wahoo! cutest thing ever. I'll have to get some video up.

Then there was Twilight:New Moon. And it was a great group date to Terra Mia and then the movie madness. Maybe Rachel and I ran to beat people. Maybe.

We spent Thanksgiving with my brother Seth's family in Irvine California. It was so beautiful, warm, yummy food, great to be around family and the beach again. How I've missed them both.

I basically took no pictures after this point. I don't know why. I suck at it I suppose, or maybe they are just still on my camera, I'll have to get on that...

December: Christmas. Derrrh. Lots of awesome awesome gifts and sprinkles even got into the fun too. SO fun. Then we moved to Salt Lake! Wahoo! Very fun. I got hired on at my internship and am now a career woman. Ha. But I am very excited and happy about the new job that is actually a real job and to be working in something I studied. It's been awesome. We love Salt Lake and can't drive anywhere with out saying "oooh! look at that place, we've got to try that, or we should go, there's so many cool things to find up here." It's fun. Some of the best parts about the new place-- TONS of space! YAY! (not near enough closet space though. boo.) and a fenced private back yard! Sprinkles is in heaven and especially us too, no more having to stand out in the freezing cold with her.

January, we made no resolutions. I've never really been into them and I feel like we are making new goals weekly as it is and I like that. Just taking it about a week at a time. It's easier to work towards bigger goals that way. We had a great 2009 and are excited to see what 2010 will bring with our new address and new little fur ball and Gar being close to graduating etc. etc. We have done lots of fun things but I can't remember them right now. No sleep this week= brain not working.

February will bring (no gall bladder): Gar's 25th bday! Yay! We can rent a car for so much cheaper now!!! OUR 2 YEAR anniversary! INSANE right! Very exciting! Hopefully I will actually blog about it since I never did our one year any justice.

Sweet little monster waiting to go piddle

Sprinkles' first snow! Look at her plowing through it unphased!
Thanksgiving was spent in sunny and lovely Irvine, California.
Marine preserve near Laguna
This picture makes me feel serenity
Everyone loves Uncle Garret-the-carrot (libby is blamed for this nick-name).
Ah, the animal flesh! Brother Seth did a marvelous, marvelous, delectible job!
Lovely Kaya the Indian
Adorable Kaya the Pilgrim, all fashioned by her. Awwww.
Bo, the heart breaker, look at that charmer smiling!
Friends dinner at Cafe Rio. Crappy picture, but the only one I had with all. Good times.
Oh then there was twilight! And that handsome man was happy to be there too. (maybe he's read all four books, but don't tell I told.)
The giggly girls.
Oh Rachel, this was way too good not to post. Is this your vampire face to lure in Edward? Irrestible, definitley!
Oh little baby bear cub. She was so tiny!!! and So cute and Naughty. We just can't get enough of her!
Oh, that little baby bear cub fur kills me!

Remember, be good to your gall bladder, lest it turn on you too!

p.s. what do you think of gall stone earrings? Morbid? Earth friendly? A good reminder to lay off the fries? Hmmm.


Anonymous said...

aaww . . . thats the cute puppy ^_^ beautiful blog by the way ^_^ ciao ciao

sienna said...

sounds like you guys have been having fun despite all the pain and hospitals and surgery. i'm glad you like salt lake, even though it makes you that much further away. i hope garret starts feeling better soon. when will he graduate?

Linds said...

woohoo! i love new posts, especially all the fun pictures.

hope all is going well with recovery!

C said...

really enjoyed catching up. i hope garrett is feeling better. and your puppie is cute.

wishful nals said...

oh no! hope he feels better :)