Wednesday, May 20, 2009


last night we got to go to Friends and Family night at a new italian place! YUM! 

gar is friends with the owner, Ernesto, who is from Italy. He was very welcoming and a wonderful host. We also loved his friend, and manager of the new place, Vincenzo (also another charming italian). 

the place is very cool, the service awesome, and the food! oh the food. DELICIOUS. (this picture is not of their food but I can't find their site and I'm sad about it). If you live in the Northern Utah area it's a must try! 

We had the Quattro Formaggi pizza, Mateo's pizza, and the Caprese salad (mmmmm my favorite!), I would recommend them all! The prices are really great too! 

The restaurant is called ZaZa and it is located south across the parking lot from the new movie theater by University Mall. 

As soon as I can find their site I will link it! 

Go Go! 

you might even see us there! 

I FOUND THE SITE, whew, finally! check it out. we maybe have been there 3 times this week. and we maybe love LOVE the gelato. Even gar loves it, and that is really saying something!

The hazlenut I had tonight was particularly delectable, amazing, mouthwateringly delicious. 


LANKY& KARIS said...

you should take us there sometime!

emily said...

so fun. you know i am part italiana *wink* is vincenzo tall, smiley and kind of "jolly?" if so, i totally know him :)

fun fun. hope your summer is looking to be a happy one.

The Taylors said...

We should have a craft day!

Yennigirl said...

Dina and I were talking yesterday about wanting to eat some good food while we are there. She said she wanted Italian - so guess we'll just have to go there now! Can't wait to see you!