Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

from someone who loves mexico to you! I wanted to have a party today. but so sad, it was here

before i knew it, and no plans were made. anyone want to go out for tacos tonight? si! ai yai yai!

some pics from mexico trips past.

with the tarahumara indians in the sierra nevadas 2007

and honeymoon in cancun 2008!

How will you celebrate???
sorry the pictures are so small. they can be seen bigger on facebook


emily p said...

so cute. you know how i love the sierra madres ;) i heart cinco de mayo. thanks for sharing lovely tara-huu-mara photos and honeymooooning photos. i love all.

Linds said...

We'll hit up MX tacos any day of the week! Hip hip Hooray!