Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ode to the foxes. circa foxhole and foxhole 2 era.

I miss these girls. I love these girls. Here's some oldies but goodies of the most fabulous roomates and best friends a girl who never had sisters and always wanted some could ask for.

the cazbah
Salt Lake date night. shiver. but two outta 4 ain't bad. wink. (inside joke)
Si Si, Em B., Empro, Linny

total personality illustration

oh how i miss the treehouse
The Emily's
Before I learned how to ride
proc's all ager rager!
you've got to experience the smoke and wind!
sienna you look like such a wild beauty!
emptying the hot tub with too many people, justice...cough...yea. oh the good ole' days!

I heart these girls! Come back I miss you!


Emily said...

ooohhhh! I love it, I love it, I love it. such good times. don't worry, there are more to come ;) I love the 2/4 comment. hehe... :)

sienna said...

i miss it too. great pics and great memories. i forgot about that pic of linds carrying me. i dont think i even have pics from that night. i need them. i definitely wouldn't have guessed that slc date night was going to end up the way it did three years later. but i am glad it did!

Linds said...

i don't think i have pictures of the lovely lift either. so much fun! i loved that little flash back.