Wednesday, October 15, 2008

i never update. i'm perpetually behind.

I am bad at blogging. I am way behind. I felt like trying to be a better blogger. Here are some fun Stembridge family photos from the end of summer. They are just taken from the samples so they aren't the final product. Also I look like a whale in most of them. but they're fun and my fam is hot. :) Sorry there are a wait, I'm not sorry, this is one rad fam that needs to be shared with the world.

Having fun with Gpa O he found some old bones. Check out Wade he is actually biting it. Sick. He is going to get a disease.
Look at that hott girl! Hayley is one sassy girl and we heart her. Don't even think about it boys she is only 17!
And her gorgeous twin Heather. She's the sweetie pie. We adore her.
The best in-laws you could ever hope for. Be jealous!

The Girls kept saying we look like we're in a band. Almost the whole Osmond side
A little change of scenery

Sorry, I got a little obsessed with us. ha.
but my husband is too hott not to put up these photos

The girls! Gar's sisters are twins!
This guy rocks
look at those handsome men!
Momma's boys. and this momma is the bomb.


sienna said...

i totally commented, but it disappeared. what an attractive bunch! love the pics and the post. you are super lucky to have such fun in-laws. and i love the pic of just the two of you. you guys are going to have hot kids.

Christina and Toni said...

Em I bet you love having sisters close you in age!! I love my sister in-laws too!! You and Gar are just too cute for words!! Hope you guys are doing great!! love ya both!!

The Browns said...

Hey emily and garrett, we found your blog. now we can stock you guys. haha. cute family pictures. you guys are such a good looking couple. we would love to hang out soon!

Emily said...

you look hot, as always. the end.

Linds said...

can i just say that i am jealous of good in-laws. and how hott you two are---i agree with sisi, you'll have beautiful children. thanks for posting--so much fun!

LANKY& KARIS said...

Cute pictures!!

Lindsay said...

SO CUTE!!!!!! Beautiful family! I could have looked at more

Juli said...

Emily! You are too cute! I heart you!

Yennigirl said...

Those are cool! I love families that take family photos!