Saturday, June 20, 2009

Gone FISHIN' ! ! !

My awesome wife cast her pole all by herself and hooked and landed the fish! It was so freaking sexy and as a fisherman husband I was so FREAKING proud! Unfortunately when I tried to help her land the hook, the hook came out of the fishes mouth when it was on shore. As it started flipping towards the water we both dove for it. I grabbed the fish before it went into the water, Em grabbed the hook. Luckily it wasn't set too deeply into her thumb.

Our awesome friends Holly and Stetson came with us. We're super bummed because they just left for Arizona until September. He got recruited by the LA Dodgers for baseball and will be playing in their rookie league all summer. We're super stoked for them but are going to miss them.

There she is with her fish! So hott!

It was a successful day. We caught 4 cutthroats all over 18 inches. We kept two of them and had an amazing, yummy dinner.


emily said...

looks so fun!! congrats on the fishies and the yummy food :)

emily said...

oh and sorry about bybes' thumb :(

Linds said...

You know, we're always jealous of a good fishing report. Good on ya! So sorry about the thumb---I've done that before. I think every good fisherperson has-at least once ;)

What did you put your fish in? It looks delicious!