Monday, November 17, 2008

wild imagination...?

So it's very late right now but I can't sleep because a little after midnight someone knocked, very loudly on our front door! Gar was out and I just froze. I was up studying and my mind tried to be logical before freaking out so I thought it was probably Gar's friend and wife who live in our complex. I texted him and said he better tell me the truth if it was him or not because I was freaked out. He said it wasn't. 

Instantly freaking out a little. I asked them to look out the window (they're apt faces ours) see if they could see anything, they couldn't. So as horrible as I felt about it, I woke Gar up. He had kind of heard it in his sleep anyway so when I woke him up he was awake pretty quick. We were both totally freaked out. After making sure everything was locked and closed and looking out several windows to see if we could see anything. We decided to try to go to bed. 

He's out now. And I still can't sleep. Just as well I guess, since I have a big test tomorrow I need to study for. But It's hard to concentrate now. 

I keep telling myself it was probably nothing, maybe just a wrong door or something, but my crazy imagination keeps scaring me. We are sleeping with the closet light on because I'm such a scaredy cat. 

I think it might have something to do with the fact that I had a few freaky things happen to me and neighbors in college apts when I lived with roomates and it totally reminded me of that. 

Yes, people, even in little Provo, freaky things happen. 

I just wish I could calm down enough to go to sleep. :(


Emily said...

I wish I was there to hooold you! don't worry, Gar will keep you safe :D

sienna said...

you do live in "south" provo. wink. hope you got some sleep.

LANKY& KARIS said...

dang that is scary.. that reminds me of halloween night! Promise it was not us!! haha. It is a good thing you are all grown up now and no longer open doors late at night! I'm excited to hang tonight and watch our sexy husbands play ball!

Yennigirl said...

That stuff freaks me out too. I have loved your last posts!

Juli said...

So, can I just tell you something like that happened to me a few weeks ago?! The people above us moved out this summer and a few weeks ago we heard a lot of rustling and movement upstairs really late, so we went to tell whoever it was to be quiet, and there were NO lights on! So I came back down and locked the door, and someone knocked on my bedroom window and tried to OPEN our back door! I cried! Next time someone knocks on your door in the middle of the night, let me know. I'll come beat them up. All 5 feet 2 inches of me!

Em & Gar said...

Juli, that is so crazy! that is a way worse story! Yikes! it totally creeped me out!

If that happens to you again, i will be them up too. haha. no you should call 911!