Friday, October 30, 2009


Happy Halloween weekend friends! The first two are the only two pumpkin carving pics I have this year and I had to still them from Karis. I'm so bad with picture taking. My dad grew that HUGE pumpkin right at fort Bybee. Just like the good old days. We each carved a side, but only got a picture of Gar's carving, Karis must have hated mine. :( ha. I did the headless horseman. So now it's on our porch and all the neighbors keep asking if it's real. I love Halloween!

o since we had no pictures from this year I included some from last year that I'm sure never got put up. We had fun carving them. Gar loves the classic face, and I'm all about the blood and gore. :)

I still am not totally sure what we will be for Halloween, I keep changing my mind. Which is just what happened last year, and well, you can see the results below. Here is a refresher for you! My friend asked me what I was going to do to top last year. HA! yea I got nothin'. And also, that's one for the bucket list. I don't think I can top that...and I don't want to try.

So, we shall see what happens. Yikes! What are YOU going to be???


LANKY& KARIS said...

I don't hate yours.. I was just too lazy to post all the pictures... Don't worry i'll put it up soon... haha

LANKY& KARIS said...
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Linds said...

Hope you took some pictures from this year! Your pink little skirt was so cute! Happy happy halloween!

t said...
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Sal said...

I loved your blog until this post. I find your outfit incredibly offensive. I suggest deleting it.